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As a non-profit organization, every action we take is critical to accomplishing the mission and goals of the MSRPAC. As a volunteer, you will be making a difference for the animal residents as well as your community. As a member of our devoted team of volunteers, you will become part of the solution. You will help make the world safer and more humane for all living creatures. And, you will make the jobs of everyone working for animals a little easier by lending a hand and spreading the message of responsible pet ownership.

By volunteering, you will make new friends…and not just the four-legged kind. You will work side-by-side with people from all walks of life who share similar interests and concerns regarding companion animals. Further, you will have the opportunity to discover skills you never knew you had, and learn new ones.

We would be happy to sign off on community service hours for students who are 14 years and older required for High School and College but we are unable to verify hours to meet community service requirements mandated by the court.

To be able to volunteer you must: 

  • Be at least 14 years old 
  • Complete a volunteer application online and sumbit 
  • Attend a one-hour volunteer orientation 
  • Attend training classes based on your area of interest 
  • Donate a minimum of 6 hours of your precious time per month with a 6 month commitment 
  • Purchase a short-sleeve volunteer t-shirt for $12 (+tax)

Online volunteer applicaiton

2017 New Volunteer Informational Sessions Dates:

Saturday, May 6

Saturday, August 26

Saturday, November 4

Still have questions?  Conmtact our Volunteer Services Manager

Volunteer Opportunities

Cat Socializing and Enrichment

This involves socializing, brushing, and playing with the cats and kittens to relieve the stress and boredom that comes with being in the cattery, as well as to make them comfortable being around humans. Certain physical requirements are necessary.

Dog Socializing

The Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center uses trained volunteers to provide exercise, socialization and human interaction, in and out of kennel socialization and enrichment programs to increase their adoptability. No prior dog-training experience is needed. Certain physical requirements are necessary.

Dog Enrichment

No matter how good an animal welfare agency is, it still isn't a home. Living at the Pet Adoption Center can be stressful for resident cats and dogs, especially those who are there two weeks or longer. We like to keep the animals happy and healthy until they're adopted. Enrichment is a huge part of a successful adoption program. Unhappy, frustrated or bored pets don't show well in their kennels and potential adopters can be put off by kennel-induced behaviors. Enrichment helps counter these behaviors by making the animals' environments more stimulating and challenging by using toys, puzzles, sensory games and other novel experiences. When animals are healthier and happier, they're adopted much quicker.

Foster Care Program

Foster care offers animals a temporary home environment where they will experience love and care. Volunteers hand-raise, which may mean bottle feeding, kittens and puppies that are too young to be cared for at the Adoption Center. This requires a great deal of personal time and commitment but is well worth the effort. On occasion, there are adult dogs or cats recovering from an injury or surgery and in need of some extra nurturing and loving care. You will receive training and all supplies needed to care for the animals.

Become a Foster Parent!

Chuck Waggin' Pet Meals

What can be more gratifying than to play a part in giving someone a helping hand?  Volunteers who work with the Pet Meals program collect and package dog and cat food which is then distributed, free of charge, to the dogs and cats of homebound elderly and disabled people

Hiking Buddy Program

Volunteers take resident canines on a hike to designated areas in the community.  This program provides dogs with extra excercise off of the Center grounds while serving as ambassadors to the cause. 

Office Support (must be 16 years old)

Volunteers assist with many tasks including reception as a public liaison to answer phones, greet visitors, and provide resource information. Volunteers need to be pleasant, understanding, and able to help visitors have a positive experience at the Adoption Center.

Helping Paws Program ( formerly Pet Assisted Therapy, must be 16 years old)

Volunteers take pre-selected adoption center dogs for monthly visits to area hospital, convalescent, rehabilitation and assisted-living facilities. This program brings joy to patients and residents who look forward to seeing, petting and holding furry friends. The program also provides valuable socialization for the dogs. It helps them become comfortable with riding in cars, going into new environments, and being petted and hugged by loving strangers.  Dog socialization and excercise training is a prerequisite.

Special Events and Community Outreach

Annual special events include Walk with the Animals, Comedy Night, Pet Pictures with Santa and Spay-ghetti Dinner. MSRPAC volunteers can help organize and staff events.

Thrift Store

Our Thrift Store duties include greeting and assisting customers, sorting and pricing and displaying merchandise, light cleaning.  We need our Thrift Store volunteers to be able to lift at least 25lbs please.

Spay/Neuter Clinic

The Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center provides low-cost spay/neuter and vaccination services at our clinic.  Volunteers assist with client check-in/out, filing, answering phones and data entry. 

Kennel Care

Sanitation and disease control is key in the adoption center environment.  It keeps our pets happy, healthy and ready for adoption.  Volunteers assist our Kennel Care Technicians with daily cleaning that includes disinfecting of canine kennels, feeding, and providing bedding and toys.

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