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Dear MSRPAC Community,

I am pleased to share that on March 22, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom issued an update to his shelter-in-place order, clarifying that animal care facilities, including animal shelters, are categorized as essential services. Until now, the public may have been confused about how to engage with animal welfare organizations, and each animal shelter had been left to understand and interpret the order on their own. The clarification now removes any uncertainty and helps us and others operate in accordance with Governor Newsom’s mandate. This will save animal lives, while prioritizing the health and safety of shelter staff, volunteers, and the public.

We are excited that we can continue our lifesaving work as we conform to our current reality. Over that past few weeks we have seen a significant increase in requests to adopt and foster animals – which is truly amazing – we can’t thank you enough! The new directive helps us understand how we can move forward with activities like fostering and adoptions, and ensuring our animals stay behaviorally healthy, yet still allowing socializing by you and our trained volunteers. Doing so will help keep our community in positive spirits as they cope with social distancing guidelines. The directive also lays down the framework for continuing to provide second chances to pets in transition.

The Governor’s announcement is great news for shelters, our community, and the animals we have dedicated our lives to saving. This Coronavirus outbreak is a marathon not a sprint, and today we just completed a first lap for animals in California. And, while we are happy to share all of the before mentioned positives, we also share with you that under this mandate, we have had to close our Thrift Store. Unfortunately, this means we are experiencing a significant loss of revenue due to this closure. Please consider donating to the Pet Adoption Center today to continue to move the ball forward.

Carrie Ridgway, CNPM
Executive Director
Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center