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What made you decide to start fostering?

“I love animals and have always had some in the house.  I started as a volunteer at the Center, working with the dogs / cats, and general helping out.  However, with my schedule at work, it was a challenge to find consistent times.  I switched to fostering because I still wanted to help.  Now I get more time with animals and am able to help them become adoptable.”

— Jessika Hunt (Fostering since 2009)

“I started fostering because I was recently retired and wanted to give back to the community in a way that made the biggest difference for the time I could give.  I was at the adoption center for volunteer training when two pregnant dogs came in that needed fosters.  I got one of them and the rest is history!  By the helps that I'm an animal lover. It's a rewarding way to volunteer....knowing that you're saving the lives of some little guys that might not otherwise have a chance.”

— Sue Martin (Fostering since 2008)

“I love kittens and by fostering I can get my "kitten fix" without having to adopt as I already have two dogs and two cats.  But, most importantly, I like getting these little darlings ready for their forever home so they can have a wonderful, secure and loving life.”

— Jennifer Zavala (Fostering since 2011)

“In the beginning I chose to foster kittens because I enjoy spending time with them, watching them grow from helpless little creatures to playful independent cuddly little kittens each with very individual personalities. But now an even more important reason I choose to foster is to be one of the many people that help save their lives and help in all aspects of their care until they are ready to be adopted into a loving permanent home. I've loved every one of the kittens I've fostered but I know and accept that I must let them go and knowing they will be adopted and loved by somebody else makes it easier. When they are adopted it is so gratifying to know I played a part in their care and development and helped make them very social, trusting and lovable. I have not adopted any of my foster kittens yet but it is always tempting! They can be a lot of work and when they are very young they can cause a fair amount of worry but I love every minute of it. Each time I have to give them up it is very difficult but then I'm ready to take on new fosters. I wish they could all be saved but it's a start.”

— Diana Deaton (Fostering since 2012)

Is it difficult to return fosters? Have you adopted any of your fosters (why or why not)

“It breaks my heart (as you already know) to return my fosters.....every time.  I've adopted two of my fosters but had to have a heart to heart with myself because I couldn't continue to foster if I kept adopting.”

Sue Martin (Fostering Since 2008)

“It's always hard to give them back because you take them home and love them like your own, then give them back for someone else. But you have to look at it in the context of saving their lives. And when you send them back there's a spot for another one to be saved. In other words if they just had a place to stay for a short time...their lives could be saved, how easy is that!”

— Lisa James (Fostering since 1994)

What would you say to someone considering fostering?

“Do it!  It is very rewarding knowing you are helping out an animal in need.  The staff at the center is very supportive and won't give you more than you feel comfortable with, and you never feel pressured if you need to take a bit of a break. To anyone who considers fostering, I would say that the heartbreak of giving them back is a small price to pay for the lives you might be saving."

— Jennifer Hunt (Fostering since 2009)

Why do you take in multiple animals a year, knowing that when they are healthy and old enough they will be returned for adoption? 

“I foster to help MSRPAC out with all they do for dogs and cats. And of course for my deep love of animals. If I can teach a pet something while in my care, it will make them better for the family who adopts them.”

— Vicki Bries (Fostering since 2012)

“Fostering allows me to indulge my love for animals. It is truly, truly a life saving job. I remind myself every time I have to return a litter that if I didn't do what I do they would have almost certainly suffered and died or at the very least contributed to the over population problem.”

— Lisa James (Fostering since 1994)

“I focus on the fact that I am making a difference one little foster at a time.”

— Babbi D'Arc (Fostering since 2012)

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